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Contents 1 People named Livingston, 2 Places 2.1 Antarctica, 2.2 Canada, 2.3 Guatemala, 2.4 United Kingdom, 2.5 United States, , 3 Other uses, 4 See also, Livingston may refer to: People named Livingston: Further information: Livingston (surname) Places: Antarctica: Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica, Canada: Livingston No. 331, Saskatchewan, a rural municipality in west-central Saskatchewan, Guatemala: Livingston, Guatemala, port town in Guatemala's Izabal department, United Kingdom: Livingston, West Lothian, town in Scotland Livingston (Scottish Parliament constituency), Livingston (UK Parliament constituency), , Livingston, Durham, in England, Livingston Village, West Lothian, United States: Livingston, Alabama, Livingston, California, Livingston, Georgia, Livingston, Illinois, Livingston, Kentucky, Livingston, Louisiana, Livingston, Montana, Livingston, New Jersey, Livingston, New York, Livingston Manor, New York, Livingston, South Carolina, Livingston, Staten Island, Livingston, Tennessee, Livingston, Texas, Livingston, West Virginia, Livingston, Wisconsin, Livingston County, Illinois, Livingston County, Kentucky, Livingston County, Michigan, Livingston County, Missouri, Livingston County, New York, Livingston Parish, Louisiana, Other uses: Livingston Recording Studios, a recording studio in North London UK, Livingston College, in New Jersey, United States, Livingston University, former name (1967-1995) of the University of West Alabama, Livingston Energy Flight (Italian airline -- 2003-2010), Livingston Compagnia Aerea (Italian airline -- 2011-....), Livingston (actor), a Tamil film actor, Livingston F.C., a Scottish football club, Livingston RFC, a Scottish rugby union club, Livingston International, North American customs broker

Source: Wikipedia

Text from this biography licensed under creative commons license