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Official Site: | @livwarfield
Liv Warfield, a native of Peoria, IL, has one of the most distinctive and promising voices in alternative R&B soul. Liv started her singing career after moving away from home and settling in Portland, Oregon in her late teens. It was here that Liv started dabbling in the music industry and had the opportunity to work with local musicians. These artists gave Liv the platform to express herself musically and grow as an artist. After stepping on stage everything transformed for the once upon a time shy girl from Peoria.

Liv has had the honor and pleasure of performing alongside a host of legendary artists such as Prince, B.B. King, The Roots, Dave Matthews Band, Al Green and Jeffery Osborne, to name a few. Her musical heroines: Nina Simone, Etta James, Tina Turner, Sade and Mary J. Blige inspire her “alterna-tive” R&B soul-style. Currently, Liv is performing with Prince and the New Power Generation. The power and strength of her voice is penetrating and immediately demands attention. So much that she also can be heard singing on Prince’s 2010 album called “Lotusflow3r”. 

In 2006, Liv released her first album entitled “Embrace me”, which was comprised of sexy radio-ready tracks and easy-listening ballads. Liv has the ability to expertly pair emotive poetry and lyrical storytelling amidst the soundscape of solid instrument laden grooves, which she concludes with a live recording of the epic jewel called “Brother Man.  To Warfield, Embrace Me is a gift for all to enjoy.

Liv is a current member of Prince’s band, New Power Generation and has appeared with Prince’s on his current tours, which include: Welcome to Europe 2011, North Sea Jazz Festival, Welcome to America (2012), Welcome to Australia 2012 and South by Southwest Festival (2013).

Liv is released her first two singles “Why do you Lie?” and “Catch me if you Can” of our her highly anticipated sophomore album, “The Unexpected”. Liv is honored to have the support of Prince who will be working with her to develop an album that will be timeless. She describes her musical style as “Alternative R&B Soul with a little bit of Rock and Roll.” Her powerful vocals and electric performances promise to deliver the unexpected. Liv is boldly making strides in the music industry and invites you to join her on her journey. “I’m letting myself go, no boundaries...I’m in full flight right now”.