Little Pizza is a loop-based solo project fronted by Ryne "Little Pizza" Teston that implements unique elements of beatboxing, fingerstyle guitar, vocoder effects, and an evolving array of guest members. While performing around the U.S. and a year-long trip through Europe in 2008, Little Pizza performed/busked through 17 countries before moving to perform in the eclectic indie music scene of Austin TX.
Compared often to other looping artists such as DubFX, as well as fingerstyle guitarists such as Andy Mckee and Kaki King, Little Pizza's style is an entertaining blend of the two styles. The music is specifically written for a one-man-band type performance from Teston, but Pizza's experience busking around the world has instilled in him a love for collaboration with the people playing music nearby. With a knack for discovering talent, Pizza is known for moving to new cities or countries and quickly being accruing an array of talented bandmates.
Currently Little Pizza consists of cello, banjo, several rappers, and electronic drums that he gathered individually from other bands and promising open mic performances. Their sound varies from indie hip hop
With this new arrangement, Little Pizza could be found opening sold out shows for names such as Woodbox Gang, Afroman, and Ying Yang Twins in 2014, in their first short months of collaboration.
Known for many gimmicks in their live show ,from free pizza from restaurant sponsorships, to impromptu rap battles, one of Little Pizza's most unique recent quirks is the extra microphone for the "6th member", who is essentially anyone in the crowd who feels the need to rap/sing while at a show.
"You'd be surprised who is out there. I've done it enough times around the US to know that when you offer it--especially to rappers--the 3 guys who's eyes light up in the crowd might come up and absolutely kill.....1 of the 3, anyways. And if the other 2 were not so good, who cares? It's improv and you're at least watching something real and interactive. It's not something you can recreate".