Lindell Cooley (born February 3, 1963) is a pastor, Christian singer and worship leader of the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. He is known for his soulful gospel and rock-infused contemporary worship music. Cooley currently serves as president of Music Missions International (MMI) and Pastor at Grace Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Recordings: Revival At Brownsville- 1996 Integrity Winds Of Worship, Live at Brownsville-1996-Vinyard Music Awake America, Live in Dallas-Music Missions International Live In Pensacola-1997 Music Missions International Send The Fire, 1998-Music Missions International Song From The Great Revivals, Music Missions International Desperate For You, 1999-Music Missions International Open Up The Sky - 2001 album - the best known song from which was "It's Time," written by Garry McDonald., Freedom-2005 Music Missions International Encounter One-Music Missions International Encounter Two-Music Missions International Encounter Three-Music Missions International Encounter 4, Now Is The Time-Music Missions International Notes and references: ^ "Lindell Cooley: Spirit of revival". CrossRhythms Music and Life. February 1, 1998. Archived from the original on 1998-11-10. Retrieved 2012-04-12. , ^ "The Ministry Of Lindell Cooley". MMI Website. August 19, 1997. Archived from the original on 2008-06-07. Retrieved 2012-02-04. , ^ Patricia Rallo This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal!: Redeeming the Time We Have Left 2009 "I want to conclude this chapter with the lyrics of the song "It's Time" by Garry McDonald (from Lindell Cooley's CD). When I first heard these lyrics, my heart skipped a beat because they seemed so in tune with what I was writing: It's time, time ..."

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