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Official Site: | @bassheadlee
LeanDRO is a project that consist of smooth melodies and grimy BASS lines, with the addition of a live guitar. LeanDRO is dedicated to fighting the norm and making music that just sounds good, regardless of what seems to be the mainstream. LeanDRO has coined the genre DROstep, which is a play on dubstep, by keeping the traditional drum beats of dubstep but having a more open range of versatility. LeanDRO brings a hype stage presence that engages the crowd through soulful beats and raw energy. LeanDRO's usual show circuit includes being booked in Louisville, Nashville, and eastern US cities. He has played at notable venues such as Nashville's 12th and Porter and Louisville's Diamonds Music Hall. LeanDRO has graced the stage with such artist as electronic jam band The Malah and dub step power hitter Crizzly.