Last Dinosaurs are an Australian indie rock band from Brisbane, Queensland. The band consists of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sean Caskey, lead guitarist Lachlan Caskey, bass guitarist Michael Sloane, and drummer Dan Koyama. Koyama and the Caskey brothers are all of Japanese descent, and the band have toured and frequently make visits to Japan. The band's debut EP Back from the Dead in 2010 and subsequent debut studio album In a Million Years in 2012 received critical praise by Australian media critics including the likes of Triple J, among others. The band is currently signed in Australia to independent label Dew Process, and in the UK are signed to Fiction Records. Internationally, Last Dinosaurs distributes through Universal Music Group. On 1 May 2015, Last Dinosaurs released "Evie", the first single from their upcoming second album. History: Formation and early days (2007-09): In 2007, frontman Sean Caskey and drummer Dan Koyama met during high school and developed a strong interest in music. Soon afterward, Sean's younger brother Lachlan joined the band as lead guitarist. Sam Gethin-Jones, who was already a talented drummer in the Brisbane music scene, tried his hand at bass and completed the original Last Dinosaurs quartet. Prior to Sam leaving the band in 2013, the Last Dinosaurs were 3/8 Japanese and 1/4 Jewish. Early success and Back From The Dead (2009-11): After launching their debut extended-play in 2010, the band first found success after posting their demo to the Triple J Unearthed project. Not long after, they were interviewed by radio DJ Zan Rowe. Hit track "Honolulu" from Back From The Dead was placed on high rotation on national broadcaster Triple J, quickly gaining the band recognition in the music community. With their name popping up in music publications, blogs, and gaining fans through the airing of their songs on Triple J, the band was invited to play at mainstream music festivals including Splendour in the Grass, the Laneway Festival, the Falls Festival and Southbound, and have supported bands such as Foals, Matt & Kim, Lost Valentinos and Foster the People. In a Million Years (2011-13): In early 2011 the band announced that they had been planning on recording their debut album after their "Back From The Dead" tour in mid-2010. In June 2011 the band started a Tumblr blog narrating their recording process for the album with producer Jean-Paul Fung at BJB Studios in Sydney, Australia. The album entitled as In a Million Years was released on 2 March 2012. The album made an Australian Top 10 Debut and managed to get to number 8 on the Australian Albums Chart and number 2 on the digital album charts. The band completed the sold out Million Years national tour, with multiple shows in many cities due to ticket demand. The band then completed a tour of the UK and Europe, and later released the album in the UK in September 2012. Second album (2013-present): After the release of their debut album in 2012, Last Dinosaurs experienced a number of changes that thus far have not affected the band in any significant way. Despite these changes however, various new opportunities for the band arose through 2013 and 2014, and Last Dinosaurs continued with plans to release a follow-up album to In a Million Years. On 13 October 2013, Last Dinosaurs officially announced through Twitter that the band was hard at work writing for their second album. The new album is anticipated to be released in 2015, but the name of the album and an official release date are yet to be announced. Departure of Sam Gethin-Jones: On 23 July 2013, Sam Gethin-Jones posted a statement on the band's Facebook page formally announcing that he was leaving the band. "For the band to move forward in the strongest way possible it is best that we part ways now," he said. Although he did not give a clear explanation as to why he was leaving, he ensured fans that he wasn't leaving music altogether, and the termination of his membership was the start of a "different pathway for him to follow." He thanked fans, and assured that there was no bad blood between the four. Addition of Michael Sloane: As a result of Sam Gethin-Jones' departure from Last Dinosaurs, the band had lost its bass guitarist, leaving a major gap in the quartet's lineup. Beginning with Last Dinosaurs' South African tour in 2013, Michael Sloane toured with the band substituting as bass player and providing backing vocals. A friend of the band, Sloane was the band's original bassist and had previously worked with the band numerous times directing the music videos for "Zoom", "Time and Place", and "Andy". On 28 January 2014, Last Dinosaurs officially announced that after four months of being with the band, Michael had officially returned and joined on as bassist. Recording of second album: After a several months-long break from touring internationally through South Africa and Asia, Last Dinosaurs completed writing for their next album and were finally ready to record. In late November and early December of 2014, Last Dinosaurs announced via Facebook and Twitter that the band was set to commence recording of their unnamed new album on 3 December 2014. As of 20 March 2015, Last Dinosaurs have been at work completing their album at The Grove Studios near Gosford, New South Wales. The band continues to post photos and updates to social media and their website through the production process. Release of first single "Evie": In response to a question via Twitter, Last Dinosaurs' manager noted on 7 April 2015 that the band's first single from their upcoming album would be tentatively released in about five weeks; indicating a May 2015 release. On 1 May 2015, Last Dinosaurs released "Evie", the first single from their upcoming second album. "Evie" was premiered on Triple J's "Good Nights" program on 30 April 2015.

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