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Larry Henley is an American singer and songwriter, born June 30, 1937 in Arp, Texas. He is perhaps best known for co-writing (with Jeff Silbar) the 1989 hit record, "Wind Beneath My Wings". The single was a U.S. number one hit for Bette Midler, and has since totaled around six million radio airplays. The song earned Henley and Silbar the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for 1989, and Bette Midler the Record of the Year award. He was also the lead singer of pop group The Newbeats in the mid-1960s. The group had two hits that charted in the top 20 of Billboard magazine, with one of them, "Bread and Butter", reaching No. 2 on the Billboard charts and selling over a million copies. Larry Henley also was a close friend of Bobby Goldsboro and it was actually because of Larry's urging that Bobby Goldsboro sang the song Honey. It was Larry who first listened to songwriter Bobby Russell's rendition of Honey. Goldsboro didn't actually want to record the song originally, but Larry insisted that it was a great song and that he should do a recording of "Honey", and the rest is history, with Bobby Goldsboro hitting the #1 spot on Billboard Top 100 for 5 weeks in 1968. It was one of the best songs of the year in terms of airplay and sales. Henley has also composed a number of soundtracks in movies.

Source: Wikipedia

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