Lapland may refer to: Places Sápmi (in English commonly known as Lapland), a cultural region traditionally inhabited by the Sami people, also known as the Lapps, stretching over northern Fennoscandia, including parts of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Russia., Lapland (Sweden), a Swedish province., Lapland (Finland) (Lappi/Lappland), a Finnish region., Lapland (former province of Finland) (Lappi/Lappland), a province of Finland 1938-2009., Lapland (electoral district), an electoral district in Finland., Norwegian Lapland, a sporadic marketing term for Northern Norway and especially the county of Finnmark, historically also known as Danish Lapland (also including Troms) during the Denmark-Norway union., Russian Lapland, a sporadic marketing term for Murmansk Oblast., Laplandiya (lit. Lapland), a rural locality (a railway station) in Murmansk Oblast, Russia., Lapland, Indiana, a town in the United States., Lapland, Nova Scotia, a community in Lunenburg district, Nova Scotia., Television, film, and music Lapland, the former name of the BBC television series, now titled Being Eileen., Lapland (album)., Lapland, song by New York City electronic music duo Ratatat., Lapland (film), a 1957 Disney film directed by Ben Sharpsteen., Other Lapland Biosphere Reserve, a natural reserve in Murmansk Oblast., SS Lapland, a large ocean liner of the Red Star Line that served from 1908-1934.

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