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Official Site: | @djlantan |
VERY VERSATILE ACROSS GENRE: Mark Smith aka {Dj Lantan} was immersed in the sounds of music, spending time from an early age perfecting his own style, entering open mic competitions for prize money, these were raw and fiercely competitive events, freestyle and counteraction rap. Meaning Lantan’s learning process was steep. His growing reputation started opening doors attracting sound systems djs to take him to cut his first dub plates, At JARO studio alongside ninja ford and predator, now gaining studio experienced Lantan has worked with countless producers, across the globe, including Keith wint from original maccabees label a former ,Dennis brown & john holt producer, milestone productions,2bad Productions,Smokeshop productionz, Jbmixx,Stone Room Productions, Rebel Sonix, skorpion Productions,Tripocal Bass, Interstellar Troublemaker, the legendary Stevie V {dirty cash} Worlbeat Label, and has collaborated with artist like Vibz kartel, Nitty Kutchie, Wayne Marshall, Anthony Que, Troublesome, Mc Li,Barry Micron,Tenza,(tmd) to name a few, He also done works with several female artist from the Rnb/pop/Lovers Rock scene including Rebekka Gayle, Cherry, Ms T Rey, Danielle, Twila j ,Gee Morris, Helen Rogers, Liana Wall, He is also a very good songwriter/lyricist and poet and write all his own material. Lantan has had various singles vinyl’s out from the late 90’s and early 2000,including Track called “My life” and another called “Take It Off” produced by Legendary Stevie v, But in 2005 “ Hotta Flames records” released his first full album “The Furnace” distributed by jetstar. This leads to him touring on both side of the Atlantic Europe and Japan. As a young teenager dj lantan usually hang around Youth man promotions studio in kingston, and king Jammy,s studio, His main influence comes from his environment, and life experiences, few of his favorite artist he use to listen to is bob Marley & Shabba Ranks, in 2007 Lantan teamed up with UK based jbmixx a top musician/producer from group 3rd nation, who worked previously with Lionel Ritchie, Anastasia etc. And was signed to Mercury Records, jbmixx and lantan formed a production called black/smith productionz, they produced albums worth of material which is more of a commercial mainstream appeal, some of this material is on the album “TRULY MAGICAL” & FUSION that was released by usa based label ACM records, These album’s demonstrates what a versatile professional artist he has become from the early days of the street of Kingston, he has sold thousands of albums and single across the world to date, Lantan music has been published in Film, and major tv show in usa, He is always working hard recording and performing, He previously been on British television show hosted by Fearne cotton, which gave him internet notoriety, He will continue recording new material, gigging and also writes for other artist both male and female across genre, and currently aiming to break in the mainstream market, spreading his music to wider audience,