Lama is a Japanese supergroup consisting of former Supercar members Kōji Nakamura and Miki Furukawa, Hisako Tabuchi and Kensuke Ushio. Biography: The band was formed in 2011 and is made up of Koji Nakamura (Supercar, iLL, Nyantora), Miki Furukawa (Supercar), Hisako Tabuchi (Number Girl, Bloodthirsty Butchers, Toddle), and Kensuke Ushio (agraph). They made their live debut at a show with Kimonos in April 2011. Their debut single "Spell" and released in August 2011, was used as the opening for the Fuji Television noitaminA anime television series, No. 6. They were also used for the closing theme of Fuji Television's noitaminA anime television series Un-Go with their third single "Fantasy/Cupid【期間生産限定盤】", released in October 2011. , The "Parallel Sign" was used as the insert song for the anime series, Eureka Seven: AO. The band is signed with the Sony label Ki/oon Records, which Nakamura, Furukawa, and Ushio are also affiliated with as solo artists. Members: Miki Furukawa (フルカワミキ) - vocals, bass, Kōji Nakamura (中村弘二) a.k.a. Nakako (ナカコー) - vocals, guitar, Hisako Tabuchi (田渕ひさ子) - guitar, chorus, Kensuke Ushio (牛尾憲輔), a.k.a. agraph - programming

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