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On their latest release, Lakes delivers substance and style, no mean feat in an industry
where artists often lack either. These new songs demonstrate a maturity and
vulnerability without having to sacrifice melodies fit for the charts. They are songs of
the heartbroken and the hopeful - songs for you and for me. The Agreement is full of
music that you can relate to, music that lets you know that you’re not alone. But the real
genius of Lakes is the ability to take these profound themes and craft them into catchy
pop tunes. If you don’t find yourself singing “Broadlyn” at the top of your lungs with
the windows down, you’d better check your pulse. That’s the thing about great bands,
they’ve got the ability to touch a nerve, and Lakes is exactly that - a band that makes
you feel stuff on a gut level.
Seth Roberts, the principle songwriter for Lakes, is a man willing to show his scars.
Songs like “Back in Your Head” and “The Ghost and the Man” show someone broken,
yet hopeful. In delivering songs with passion and conviction, Roberts joins a select
group of front men willing to lay it all on the line. You will not walk away from “The
Agreement” wondering if this man has lived through the battles. If you are looking for
music to chronicle your journey, Lakes may very well be the answer.