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Music, much like the rest of the world, has evolved over time. Musicians are powerful catalysts for revolution; as the world has changed, so has music. A new generation of musicians is now poised to carry on the revolutionary torch in her own way, with music as their platform. First up to lead us into this brave new musical world: Ladysoal.

Ladysoal’s roots spring from the unlikely town of Ames, Iowa. Proving success comes to those who chase after it with all abandon, she has enjoyed acclaim from fans and critics alike, from Iowa to Denmark and everywhere in between. Aside from a live show schedule that never quits, Ladysoal independently released her first EP, “I am Here,” along with music videos for the singles “Sunshine” ,“That Girl.” and "you"

Ladysoal delivers an eclectic sound, riddled with traces of her sonic past. Whether on stage or in the studio, she never fails to bring all she's got. To witness Ladysoal live is to join her on a musical journey, indulging the senses with only one command: dance! her energy is infectious - transferring from stage to crowd and back again, keeping fans moving like the pistons of a well-oiled engine.

More than mere entertainment, Ladysoal uses her chosen medium to deliver positive messages, notably of tolerance and understanding towards and within the LGBT community. This advocacy is not for show, but rather reflects the true character of who ladysoal is. By choosing to do more with her fame than simply attain wealth, Ladysoal stands as an ambassador of hope for those whose voices cannot be heard.