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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a 20 year-old, notably adorable, J-pop singer from Tokyo who is melting brains the world over. Starting out as a Harajuku model and fashion blogger, she teamed up with Capsule and Perfume producer Yasutaka Nakata to shake up the world of J-pop. Everyone got more than they bargained for when she released her first single in 2011 "PonPonPon," and dressed up her video in day-glo skulls, candy canes, eyeballs and general madness. The video went crazy viral and the ridiculously catchy single charted all over the world. Since then KPP has released a studio album, several more completely bananas videos, and completed her "100% KPP" worldwide tour. Kyary has her own super cute/super creepy style, which she calls "new kawaii," which draws on Japan's new kawaii and decora fashion subcultures.