K.R. - Bridgeport Connecticut rap artist on the rise. started his career in prison during a short term sentence for selling drugs. started freestylin in his cell and writing lirics down to perfect his craft. came home and started recording music in his studio and released a few mixtapes online, singles and albums on itunes. he worked with a few artists in the game, and got signed twice to independent labels that didnt work out. now he's independent signed to his own label "Gangsta Records" and interscope digital promoting his material online and taking on the challenges of the rap game one day at a time. eventhough it's hard to make it in today's hiphop game. he still strives to make it by working hard in the studio everyday recording about 10 - 15 songs a day and uploading it on youtube. so far we accomplished 500 songs on youtube and some music videos online as well. the fans are responding well to his music and adapting to his lifestyle in the past and already seeing that the talent speaks for itself by reaching over 1 million viewers on youtube, over 13 million viewers on myspace and thousands on twitter and facebook combined. he is the future of hiphop.