Indie Rock
Konrad's music puzzles together a unique brand of vocal poetics with a sorted sonic DNA that exhibits strains of indie, folk and electronic. Konrad has released songs in the past on a variety of record labels including Radical Turf, Future Appletree, Diskatopia and Deep Elm. In a previous incarnation, Konrad released experimental electronic music under the moniker "Robot USA" as well as some folksy singer-songwriter musings as "Struggle in the Hive" (a collaboration with renowned Daytrotter producer Patrick Stolley).

In 2008 Konrad released his debut album Loose Canyons. The album charted on the CMJ Top-200 and garnered extensive critical praise. Beats and Blood called the album “engaging”, CMJ called it “wholly unique”, First Coast News called it "masterful intellectual slacker pop" and CreamTeam.TV called the album “totally addictive.”

Now Konrad has launched his second solo effort titled Shadow Boxing. The eclectic album demonstrates his personal growth and sonic refinement, while maintaining the quirky, experimental fearlessness the retro-electro-folk artist is known for. Shadow Boxing is the result of two years of studio work and displays the sonic savant's panoramic songwriting skills while conveying the ups and downs of everyday and not-so-everyday routine. Combining acoustic instruments with analog electronics, the album showcases a wide range of songwriting and quality production. The various instruments are woven together with vintage synthesizers and guest artists are featured playing horns, violin, banjo and pedal steel on the electrified 11-song album. Konrad's shadow boxing spent over 3 weeks on the CMJ Top-200 chart, garnering extensive college radio support and a single off the album (Silence Inside Us) was recently featured on MTV's "The Real World".