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Da’Shawn “King Myers” Ellis was born in West Islip of Long Island, New York on December 31st, 1994. He spent most of his early childhood years in Wyandanch, just a few blocks from where hip-hop legend Rakim grew up as well. Rakim is also King’s godfather. At an early age, King displayed his passion for rhyming. He started out with just writing poetry, which eventually lead to him wanting to rap. When he was just 9 years old and in the 4th grade, his elementary school teacher secretly submitted his poems into a county-wide poetry contest, earning him a 2nd place spot in Suffolk County. Fortunately his father, Norman “P-Eye” Myers, was very connected in the music industry. P-Eye was very close friends with Rakim. When King was about 10/11 years old, he took his 1st trip into his dream-life. He went to a Rock The Bells concert with his father & Rakim, where he had the chance to be backstage and see how stars lived. He got to meet and hang with other legends such as Slick Rick, Flavor Flav, Talib Kweli, & many more. But most importantly, King was able to go on stage with Rakim. His 1st time being on stage, he stood in front of a crowd of nearly 60,000 people. This is what started his passion for making music. King and a few of his cousins began to make music together. He wrote his 1st song with them, to Rakim’s “Guess Who’s Back” instrumental. They would record their songs over their grandparents gospel cassette tapes

While he was in New York, King lived with his mother, Adrienne Ellis. In 2005 he moved with her down south to Raleigh, North Carolina. That didn’t take him away from his passion to make music though. After living in Raleigh for just a year, he moved to a town just a few minutes away called Durham. While he was there, he began to record his raps on a low-budget computer microphone. This is when his rap name “King Myers” was born. He became very popular while he was in North Carolina because he was known as “the kid from New York.” During his freshman year at Riverside High School in Durham (2009), he began building his own home studio. He would save up whatever money his mother gave him & purchased his own studio microphone, along with other equipment he needed as well. This is when he got real passionate about making music. He would record & mix his own music; even experimented with making his own beats for a little while. He started creating his own buzz by sharing his music on social networking sites. King was very different from the other local rappers, he stood out by being lyrical. He was also very creative when it came to writing songs. He wrote a song about a worldwide trend, silly bandz, called the “Silly Bandz Anthem” and filmed an official music video to it as well. With the video receiving over 130,000 hits on YouTube, he was contacted by the creator of Silly Bandz over a copyright issue. His mother began to manage him, seeing that the music was starting to take off. King started performing at local clubs and showcases. He met up with Big Daddy Kane’s road DJ, Skaz Digga, and he some-what became King’s mentor. He owned a studio in Durham called “Flava Fruit Studios” and King began to record some of his music there with Skaz. In June of 2011 King was nominated for the Youth Music Award, and his video "Come On Home" was nominated for music video of the year at the Carolina Music Awards. King won the Youth Music Award and unfortunately didn't win music video of the year. That same summer, King moved back to New York with the intentions of furthering his music career. This is when he linked up with Busta Rhymes protege, and fellow Long Island rapper, Reek Da Villian. King and Reek came together in a Long Island studio to create King's smash single "Summertime". The Summertime music video currently has over 55,000 views on YouTube.

On December 31st, 2012, which is King's birthday, he released his debut album Kingology: The Mind of a Young King which featured hip-hop legends Rakim and Bumpy Knuckles (Freddie Foxxx). The LP also featured the Bronx, New York rapper Fred The Godson, along with a hip-hop group from Orange County, California by the name of Cirious & DeeLux. The album is available for free streaming on Spotify, and also for sale on iTunes, Amazon & more.

Myers is currently working on his sophomore album Kingology 2. No words yet on who he is working with on the album.