About: Siyanda Khanye, born 9 February 1998. Simply known as King Micheal. He is a recording pop artist. Who was recently signed to the worldwide distributors Capital Records and Islanda Def Jam... King Micheal was born on the 9th of February 1998 in Los Angeles. King Micheal now lives in East London, Stratford and has lived there for the past 6 years. King Micheal went to Desborough College in Maidenhead, Berkshire, he used to travels to School by tube and train. Which takes approximately 2 hours, Micheal has built himself a reputation and has such high hopes in life. Quotes: "King Micheal aim's so high that most people he knows, think he is taking drugs" said one of his friends. King Micheal says he has only one intention, and that one point to prove, one thing to make people see, And that intention is to show people that nothing is impossible with God. He says "God doesn't want you to be the same as someone but better than him or her, he also states that anything can be achieved but to achieve it you have to believe deep within yourself that you can and all you need is faith, love and believe". Micheal once said "Giving 99% into something is like giving 0%, you have to give it the full 100% to achieve your goal and it will all pay off in the end, you have to be able at time to give up what you are for what you will become". King Micheal now goes to WestHatch for sixth form, he says "I love it there, people are nice, friendly, and very approachable, we all have a good laugh and it's all a bit of banter really". Early Life: King Micheal Started off by posting videos of himself Singing on YouTube and slowly got bigger and eventually got found. King Micheal is an America/English artist, his parents were born in Zimbabwe but Micheal was born in LA, which makes him an African American. King Micheal started vocalising and rapping at the age of just 5. Ever since he could walk, he has been dancing. King Micheal's Mum saw that Micheal had a lot of potential. So his mum got him some singing lessons and dancing lessons to help him progress and help him get as good as possible. Then when Micheal saw Michael Jackson, King Micheal was born, and Micheal started searching and looking at his techniques in singing and dancing. Then started to copy it. He looked at ways to polish up his moves. Ways to make them better, ways to sort of, make them catch up with the 21st century. Touring: King Micheal has been to different places in his career. He has gone to see other countries, places in England, portugal, spain, south africa, zimbabwe, LA, New York, ect. He then started thinking of wanting to become a singer. So Micheal thought if "I am going to get anywhere with this I must start dancing & rapping in public". So Micheal went to schools and asked if he could perform at different schools within the area, so Micheal could get known by more people and if he could get recognised. The Schools King Micheal asked All said yes. So Micheal then started touring, doing some performances with other schools going to get people who love singing and dancing and work with them and show them ways of making their performances as good as possible. King Micheal then got into the news paper for his rapping and dancing skills to try and promote him as a rapper and dancer and has now landed himself a successful career. If you would like Micheal to appear and do some performances and some covers, weather its a wedding, Birthday Parties, or anything from a simple appearance to give a motivational speech and advice on how other people who also have aims and aspirations just like Micheal did on how to become as successful as him and ways on enhancing performance skills or singing techniques.
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