California metalcore outfit Killing the Dream was formed in 2002 with vocalist Eli Horner, guitarist Joel Adams, bassist Chris Chase, and drummer Isaac Fratini, all of them current or former members of hardcore acts Embrace the End, Guiltripp, Sailor Punch, and Millitant Intervention. Second guitarist Bart Mullis was added in April 2003 shortly after the recording of the band's five-song demo tape, and their first shows followed that September. Signed by Rival Records the following year, Killing the Dream compiled all of their recordings thus far into a startlingly vicious and mature eponymous debut, promising more to come soon. That promise was fulfilled in 2005 with the release of the 7" EP I Rewrote It, issued through Deathwish Inc., which was followed that September by the long-player In Place Apart. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia, Rovi