Long before Kevin Haskins became the drummer for Bauhaus, he pounded on a different instrument. As a child, Haskins banged on flowerpots; he eventually shifted to bongos and then to drums. After Haskins attended a Sex Pistols gig, he and his brother David J (bass) formed a group called the Submerged Teeth. The Submerged Teeth were short-lived, but Haskins and J collaborated again in another band, the Craze, also featuring Daniel Ash (guitar). In 1978, Haskins joined Bauhaus 1919 with vocalist Peter Murphy, J, and Ash. The group trimmed its name to Bauhaus after their first live performance. Bauhaus became one of the most influential goth rock bands. The band broke up in July 1983. When Daniel Ash pursued his side project Tones on Tail with bassist Glenn Campling that year, he asked Haskins to play drums. In 1984, Haskins, Ash, and J attempted to resurrect Bauhaus; however, Murphy declined so they formed a new group, Love & Rockets, instead. Love & Rockets had a more accessible sound than Bauhaus; in 1989, the band released "So Alive," a Top Ten hit. Nevertheless, Love & Rockets' patchwork of psychedelia, folk, and glam rock was still too quirky for the mainstream, and interest in the group increasingly dwindled. In 1998, Haskins reunited with Bauhaus for an extremely popular tour. ~ Michael Sutton, Rovi