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Official Site: | @Kevin_David
Kevin M David, a Trinidad and Tobago artist that specializes in Inspirational music advocating the message of Jesus Christ being Lord and SAVIOUR of all mankind. Kevin is best known for his debut album called Peace,the album is the ultimate soca parang & jubilee collection.

The album is a Soulful up-tempo blend of traditional parang infused with today's contemporary music. Even though this is primarily a soca parang Cd, he manages to include other genres of music typically Soca, R &B, Chutney,Calypso,Soca,Reggae more to the delight and adoration of a growing fan base.

The album is a definite hit with most if not all tracks having made heavy air-play. Kevin is Masterful at creating a new distinctive sound that appeals to all ages more so at Christmas time and throughout the year.

The album Peace is truly incredible and would have you in a trance, you would not be able resist the temptation of setting your CD player on repeat! The album was produced by Mr.Philip Allard,co founder of the very popular Los Dinamicos parang group from Trinidad.