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Official Site: | @kevinabstract
Ian Simpson (born July 16, 1996) better known by his stage name Kevin Abstract is a 16 year old rapper from Corpus Christi, TX. Simpson is the creator of hip hop collective AliveSinceForever (ASF) and has released several mixtapes and albums under the namesake (including The School Bus Chronicles, The Comics, BeyondOurDreams (as Kevin Abstract & EaSy), and Imagination. Simpson has been known to associate and collaborate with artists in ASF such as Deon, MiC Kurb, Sage, and Dom McLennon. Artists outside the group that are known to collaborate with him are CJ The Genesis, ZILLY, and EaSy (although the latter was a former member).

Simpson now resides in The Woodlands, TX and is set to release his first EP, Brockhampton, in 2013.