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Kasai is a leading force among the new breed of all-in-one artist; a media group executive, recording artist and a multi-media producer in one!
With solid classical/jazz composition and performance skills, an angelic voice and years of behind the scenes production experience at such firms as Warner Music Hungary/M-Ton, Thomas McClarys 5th Avenue Entertainment, Eurovision and at his own label Eilorecords, Kasai is setting a new standard in the entertainment industry.
His first release on Eilorecords EVERY WORD (Dec. 2011) is now available at and his very latest album THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS will be released (in English) on Christmas eve 2013!
A teaser of his new video clip RAINBOW can be viewd on YOUTUBE ( at ( as well as at
2014 promises to be an exciting break-out year for this fresh, bold, and pioneering artist, so STAY TUNED!