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Jose Miguel is a young up-and-coming singer-songwriter-producer recording artist who's been stirring up quite a buzz amongst audiences of all ages during the past few years. Born and raised on the Lower East Side of New York City, this native New Yorker has been collaborating and producing tracks with different artists/producers both in the states and abroad in places like London and other neighboring areas in the UK. Influenced by many genres at a young age, Jose Miguel has been able to transcend an eclectic sound which is unique but also a representation of his roots and love for the various genres/cultures that affect his musical inspirations.

After auditioning and receiving a vocal scholarship at the prestigious Singers Forum Vocal Academy in New York City, Jose Miguel was blessed with the opportunity and privilege to study and practice his vocal and performance techniques under the vigilant and supportive guidance of his late friend and mentor, executive director Philip A. Campanella. With the support of his family and friends, in addition to a vibrant and growing audience, Jose Miguel has performed and opened up for different artists at various events and venues which include the New York City Marathon, Lincoln Center, and New World Stages to name a few.

Despite being blessed with the opportunity to help and collaborate with the industry's top and most notable individuals on a daily basis, Jose Miguel still finds the time and energy needed to work with various songwriters, producers, and artists with hopes of putting together a track list of music for his growing and attentive audience. With beautiful sounds and a vivacious stage presence, Jose Miguel is determined to bring and spread his musical vigor to the world!

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