Frenchman Jonas Bering's minimal productions are primarily dub-influenced, which aligns him with Berlin-based camps like Chain Reaction and Basic Channel more than Cologne's Kompakt, a label he frequently records for that leans toward icy tech-house more than anything else. However, it's probably Bering's inability to paint himself into a corner with one sound that endears him to the Kompakt brass. 2000 was a breakout year for the producer. The From the Nape of the Neck 12" was released by Logarythm, and his full-length debut, Bienfait, was released by Kompakt; the 12" Emballages was also issued on the Cologne label before the year drew to a close. Bering performed at Montreal's Mutek Festival in 2001, featured alongside Kompakt cronies Dettinger, Closer Musick, and Tobias Thomas. Another 12" for Kompakt was issued by year's end. ~ Andy Kellman, Rovi