The music of Tucson-based singer/songwriter John Coinman is quintessentially Southwestern. His brand of folk/country rock, showcased on the ten tracks of his The Man Called Someone album, evokes the lonesome spirit of wide-open spaces, haunted summer nights, and lonely souls. Tony Gilkyson, formerly the guitarist for the grunge/punk band X, acted as producer for the 1997 release.

Coinman has long been associated with actor Kevin Costner. For the production of Costner's western film Dances With Wolves in 1990, Coinman was music supervisor. For Coinman's Roving Boy album, Costner made a guest appearance as a singer. On "The Great Divide," one of the songs included on The Man Called Someone, the actor shares a writing credit with Coinman. For The Postman, a 1997 movie starring and directed by Costner, the singer/songwriter contributed several songs while also taking on an acting role.

In addition to his solo career and his work with Costner, Coinman also composes for other artists. He contributed four numbers to an album by country artist James Intveld. He also performed his songs on spoken word programs, in one instance for Dances With Wolves screenwriter Michael Blake, and in another instance, for former Doors' drummer John Densmore. ~ Linda Seida, Rovi