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Official Site: | @joeybadass_

Joey Bada$$ is a 17-year old artist from Brooklyn, NY with a unique vision and perspective that seems to be going extinct in the modern musical landscape. He's quickly established himself in a very small club of new talent that let the rhyme craft do most of the talking and the acclaim has followed without skipping a beat. Alongside his crew of fellow teenage visionaries Pro Era, Joey is part of one of the most compelling cultural movements coming out of NYC today.

Having been blessed with the Gift of Gab for as long as he's been able to speak, he was discovered on the web at 15 freestlying in a video that left most in awe at the mature talent and natural shine of the young MC. A couple years later, the video for his song "Survival Tactics" hit the world by storm. Within weeks, the initial hype within his circle of high school friends and in his neighborhood spread throughout NYC, and beyond to the four corners of the planet. The initial shock about his age and maturity was quickly replaced by a growing audience of fans eagerly subscribing to a more meaningful brand of hip hop put forward by Joey and Pro Era.

Having garnered a more than healthy dose of attention from the media and from artists and luminaries he admires, Joey Bada$$ is introducing his first project 1999 on June 12th and will surely keep spreading his message to the world.