J. J. Fad is a rap group from Rialto, California about 45 minutes east of Los Angeles, California whose name stands for Just Jammin Fresh and Def and were backed by Clarence "DJ Train" Lars. J.J. Fad gained popularity with the line-up that included rappers: MC J.B. (Juana Burns), Baby-D (Dania Birks), and Sassy C. (Michelle Franklin).

The group's Most notable hit was 1988's "Supersonic," which made J.J. Fad the first female rap group to earn a Grammy nomination. Their second album did not fare as well and the group disbanded shortly after. In 2006 Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) used it for her song entitled " Fergalicious", which went 5 times platinum and put J.J. Fad back to the forefront. They now are working on a new album and touring around the Nation doing Old School Shows and guest appearances.