Jimmy Fontana (13 November 1934 - 11 September 2013) was an Italian actor, composer and singer-songwriter. One of his most famous songs is "Che sarà", performed also by José Feliciano and Ricchi e Poveri. Born Enrico Sbriccoli in Camerino, Italy, he took the name "Jimmy" from musician Jimmy Giuffre and "Fontana" from an arbitrary name out of the phone book, early in his career. His hits include "Non te ne andare" (1963) and "Il Mondo", which ranked first on the Italian hit parade in 1965. "La mia serenata" won the Disco per l'estate Festival in 1967. At the 1968 Cantagiro summer festival, he sang a cover version of the Tom Jones hit "Delilah", titled "La nostra favola"; the song peaked at second place on the Italian hit parade.

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