After more than four years since his last release, Departure Recharged, Jesse McCartney is back with a new lead single “Superbad,” from his upcoming album, In Technicolor, available this summer on his own independent label Eight0Eight Records. The full album follows a 4 song EP release In Technicolor Part 1. If the EP was a toe-in-the-water test of his new sound, the hugely positive reception shows fans are ready to dive all the way in.

McCartney has already enjoyed a long and fruitful career as a singer, songwriter, and actor. His music career started at age 12, when he was a singer in “tween” boyband Dream Street whose self-title album was certified gold. In 2004, at 16, Jesse released his first solo album, Beautiful Soul, which was certified platinum, selling over 1.8 million copies. He also co-wrote the smash hit "Bleeding Love" for singer Leona Lewis which held the #1 chart position in 34 countries, the only song in over a decade to achieve this status. The song won ASCAP’s song of the year and was nominated for a Grammy Award. His own single, “Leavin’,” landed him a #1 spot on the charts and was Top 40 Radio's most played song of 2008. “How Do You Sleep” followed in 2009, also charting in the top 10.

For a while, McCartney didn’t see a point in releasing new music "until I had nailed down a sound that resonated with me. I’ve always been inspired by 70s-80s dance music and when I met production team, The Elev3n, and wrote the first song, “Back Together” [with Ryan Follese and Nash Overstreet from Hot Chelle Rae], the sound came together. The Elev3n, James [Morales], Matt [Morales] and Dave [Rodriguez] are like my musical brothers now.” It’s been evolving since we began last year.

The EP In Technicolor, Part 1 stands as a preview of what’s to come, clearly influenced by Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire and a sprinkling of other influences from the disco funk era. McCartney has blended retro ear-candy with his own unique contemporary sensibility. The new single "Superbad" is based on a foundation of a funky bass-line that contrasts with lush harmonic vocals in the chorus. The lyrics are about his ideal woman: "My girl is Superbad, that's a fact, knock your train right off the track, watch out!"

McCartney’s acting career started at age 11, on the daytime soap All My Children, for which he earned 2 Emmy nominations. Numerous roles followed including starring in the TV series Summerland and a featured role on the hit series Greek. His film credits include Keith, Beware The Gonzo, and Chernobyl Diaries, as well as many voiceover credits including the Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, and Horton Hears a Who. Earlier this year, he played Private Tim Truman in a full season of Lifetime TV’s Army Wives.