Jean-Baptiste is a male French name, originating with Saint John the Baptist, and may refer to any of the following: Persons: Charles XIV John of Sweden, born Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, was King of Sweden and King of Norway, Charles-Jean-Baptiste Bouc, businessman and political figure in Lower Canada, Felix-Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Nève, orientalist and philologist, Gui-Jean-Baptiste Target, French lawyer and politician, Hippolyte Jean-Baptiste Garneray, French painter, Jean-Baptiste, American music record producer, singer-songwriter, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, French critic, journalist, and novelist, Jean-Baptiste Bagaza, chairman of Supreme Revolutionary Council in Burundi until 1976 and president of Burundi (1976-1987), Jean-Baptiste Baudry, son of Guillaume Baudry, Canadian gunsmith bevear goldsmith, Jean-Baptiste Benoît Eyriès, French geographer, author and translator, Jean-Baptiste Bessières, duke of Istria (1768-1813), was a Marshal of France of the Napoleonic Era, Jean-Baptiste Bethune, Belgian architect, artisan, and designer who played a pivotal role in the Belgian and Catholic Gothic Revival movement, Jean-Baptiste Billot, French general and politician, Jean-Baptiste Biot, French physicist, astronomer and mathematician, Jean Baptiste Bissot, Sieur de Vincennes, Canadian career man with the colonial regular troops, son of François Byssot de la Rivière, Jean-Baptiste Boissière, French lexicographer, Jean-Baptiste Boisot, French scholar and abbott, Jean-Baptiste Bottex, Haitian painter, Jean Baptiste Boussingault, French chemist, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, French landscape painter and printmaker in etching, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, French sculptor and painter, Jean-Baptiste Chaigneau, French Navy soldier and adventurer who played an important role in the Vietnam War, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, son of Sacagawea and her French-Canadian husband Toussaint Charbonneau, Jean-Baptiste Charcot, French scientist, medical doctor and polar scientist, Jean-Baptiste-Charles-Joseph Bélanger, French applied mathematician who worked in the areas of hydraulics and hydrodynamics, Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot, French silversmith working in a neoclassical style, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, French minister of finance from 1665 to 1683 under the rule of King Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Marquis de Seignelay, French politician, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, marquis de Torcy, French diplomat, who negotiated some most important treaties towards end of reign of Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste Couillard Dupuis, farmer, merchant, and political figure in Quebec, Jean-Baptiste de La Croix de Chevrières de Saint-Vallier, appointed to the see of Quebec as bishop by Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, French priest, educational reformer, and saint in the Roman Catholic Church, Jean-Baptiste de Nompère de Champagny, 1st Duc de Cadore, French admiral and politician, Jean-Baptiste de Voglie, eminent Italian road and bridge engineer, Jean-Baptiste Denys, French physician notable for having performed the first fully documented human blood transfusion, Jean-Baptiste Dominique Rusca, medical doctor who advocated the cause of the French Revolution, Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau, Jean-Baptiste Du Tertre, French blackfriar and botanist, Jean-Baptiste Dumas, French chemist, best known for his works on organic analysis and synthesis, Jean-Baptiste-Édouard Gélineau, French physician who first described narcolepsy, Jean-Baptiste Ferré, miller and political figure in Lower Canada, Jean-Baptiste Forqueray, son of Antoine Forqueray, player of the viol and a composer, Jean-Baptiste Francois des Marets, marquis de Maillebois, Marshal of France, Jean-Baptiste Grange, French alpine skier, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, protagonist of the 1985 novel Perfume by German writer Patrick Süskind, Jean-Baptiste Greuze, French painter, Jean-Baptiste Guimet, French industrial chemist, Jean-Baptiste-Henri Deshays, French painter of religious and mythological subjects, Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire, French ecclesiastic, preacher, journalist, and political activist, Jean-Baptiste Janssens, twenty-seventh Superior General of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier, French mathematician and physicist best known for initiating the investigation of Fourier series, Jean-Baptiste Jourdan (1762-1833), Marshal of France, Jean Baptiste Kléber, French general during the French Revolutionary Wars, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, French naturalist, Jean-Baptiste Lamy, French Catholic clergyman and first Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States of America, Jean-Baptiste Landé (died 1748), founder of the Mariinsky Ballet based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, colonizer and repeated governor of French Louisiana, Jean-Baptiste Lepère, French architect, Jean Baptiste Loeillet of Ghent, Belgian composer, Jean-Baptiste Loeillet of London, Flemish baroque composer and performer on the recorder, flute, oboe, and harpsichord, Jean-Baptiste-Louis Franquelin, cartographer, a royal hydrographer, and a teacher of navigation, Jean-Baptiste-Louis Gresset, French poet and dramatist, best known for his poem "Vert-Vert", Jean-Baptiste Lully, Italian-born French composer, Jean-Baptiste Maunier (born 1990), French child actor, Jean-Baptiste Massillon, French churchman and preacher, Jean-Baptiste Meilleur, doctor, educator and political figure in Lower Canada, Jean-Baptiste Michonis, personality of the French Revolution, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, French fashion photographer and music video director, Jean-Baptiste Morin (mathematician), French mathematician, astrologer, and astronomer, Jean-Baptiste Morin (composer), French composer, Jean-Baptiste Ngo Dinh Diem, South Vietnamese president, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, French Rococo painter, engraver, and tapestry designer, Jean Baptiste Ouedraogo, President of Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) from 8 November 1982 to 4 August 1983, Jean-Baptiste Pastré (1804-1877), a French banker and arms-dealer., Jean-Baptiste Peyras-Loustalet, French rugby union player, Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, French sculptor, Jean Baptiste Pitois, French writer on the occult, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, first settler in Chicago, Jean-Baptiste Raymond, seigneur, businessman, and political figure in Lower Canada, Jean-Baptiste Régis, French Jesuit missionary in imperial China, Jean-Baptiste Regnault, French painter, Jean-Baptiste Renaud, prominent businessman, merchant, and land owner in Quebec, Jean-Baptiste-René Hertel de Rouville, seigneur and political figure in Lower Canada, Jean-Baptiste Robert Lindet, French politician of the Revolutionary period, Jean-Baptiste Rousseau, French poet, Jean-Baptiste Salpointe, first Bishop of Arizona and the second Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Jean-Baptiste Sanson de Pongerville, French a man of letters and poet, Jean-Baptiste Say, French economist and businessman, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, French painter, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, French traveler and pioneer of trade with India, Jean Baptiste Vaquette de Gribeauval, French artillery officer and engineer, Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, French luthier, Jean Baptiste Wilkie (1803-1886), former chief of the Métis tribe near Pembina, North Dakota, Jean-Pierre-André Amar, also known as Jean-Baptiste-André Amar, French political figure of the Revolution, Joseph-Jean-Baptiste Gosselin, merchant and political figure in Quebec, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, British actress and singer of Antiguan and Saint Lucian heritage, Molière (1622 1673), Classical French playwright, actor and stage manager, P. Jean-Baptiste Bradel, French draughtsman and engraver, Pham Minh Man, short for Jean-Baptiste Phạm Minh Mẫn (Vietnamese: Gioan Baotixia Phạm Minh Mẫn), Catholic cardinal priest and archbishop of Ho Chi Minh City,

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