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Official Site: | @JayyStarr
Who said Demigods didn't really exist? South Central bred, self-proclaimed "Demi-Goddess", MC, singer, songwriter and all around "Jack" of all trades, Jayy Starr is a young maverick in the hip-hop music world. She defies any easy pigeonhole. Not content to be seen or heard as simply a sexpot, Jayy turns hip-hop on its ears by becoming the player not the one being played. Mixing wit, swagger, and harmony -- all skillfully blended with a seamless flow into songs for the modern and classic hip-hop lover.

Most recently she released a full length project titled “Digitized Euphoria” which only solidified the fact that she is a force to be reckoned with. Taking a different route with beat selection and song writing and showing an even wider range of versatility this easily became her best body of work to date. Jayy has also recently returned from Atlanta on a studio binge with Multi-Platinum producers LT Moe and Chris "Traxx" Rogers creating several hits from start to finish. One of which, "Money On Me", was released summer 2013 and has garnered attention worldwide. She is also in the studio completing her next full length project "D.E.M.I (Devoting Every Moment to Inspire)" which is set for release Spring 2014.

Starr is currently continuing to work to build her buzz on the streets and the internet. With her fan base rapidly growing daily and blogs and music lovers worldwide becoming believers of hip-hop's "Young Goddess", she plans to take the world by storm with her influential heartfelt music. “I pour my heart into every track I make. I can finish a full song, go back and read it, not feel it, and start all over. I’m a perfectionist. Every song I make is a part of my legacy. Whether it is a club joint or something conscious, it has to mean something at the end of the day.” She is hoping to become the new gold standard for females in hip-hop. “I sing, write, rap, produce, and engineer. I also act and direct. When my time comes, it’ll be a problem” Says Jayy.