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Jason "Gong" Jones (born August 19, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter. Originally a tattoo artist, he was the front man and vocalist of heavy metal band Drowning Pool from 2003 to 2005, providing vocals for the band's 2004 album Desensitized after Dave Williams' death. He is lead vocalist with the band AM Conspiracy. He is currently involved in a side project called Motorhick. Drowning Pool: 2003-2005: In 2003, Jason Jones was recruited by Texas-based metal band Drowning Pool (at the time C. J. Pierce, Stevie Benton, and Mike Luce) after the loss of their original frontman Dave Williams, who died of a heart condition while on the Ozzfest tour in August 2002. Jones took the position as the band's frontman from 2003 to 2005. In that time period, he helped the band record their second full-length album Desensitized (2004), which brought hit songs such as "Step Up" (used for the motion picture The Punisher and the theme song for WWE WrestleMania XX), and the minor hits "Love and War" and "Killin' Me". In 2005, Jones left the band due to musical differences and personal reasons. Dino Cazares had his eye on Jones to form a new band after his own folded but the project never took place. AM Conspiracy: 2006-2012: After leaving Drowning Pool, Jones formed the alternative metal group AM Conspiracy. The band's full length album AM Conspiracy was released on January 12, 2010. Tattoo Artist: Jason Jones started his tattoo career in 1995 and works at Black Chapel Tattoo Studio 693 N Orange ave Orlando, Florida. "My style, I feel like I'm a cartoon of myself, so I guess my art reflects that...so maybe "cartoon realism?" "Gong" said. He is currently residing in Elgin, SC working for Copper Finch Tattoo also in Elgin. Trivia: Jason Jones collaborated with Ben Moody and Jason C. Miller for a song "The End Has Come" which appeared on the soundtrack of The Punisher 2004 film.

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