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Official Site: | @jacksonmmusic
Jackson Monsour is a singer/songwriter based out of south-central PA. Jackson was born in State College, PA on Feburary 8th, 1979. He was raised on a farm in Bedford for most of his life, where he began his music and performance at the age of 6. His first "gig" was at the Messiah Church. From the early age of 6, Jackson knew that he wanted to play music for people. In his early adolescent years he began writing and performing his own music. He fronted two high school bands; Fat Free and The Impostors. Both of which put out independent recordings. While fronting the band Fold33, throughout his college days at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA Jackson continued to write original solo material and honed his guitar skills under the teachings of Jim Ferla, a world renowned classical guitarist from the Carnegie Mellon University. After college Jackson took a break from organized music, packed his bags and bagpacked western Europe. Upon returning He moved to Key West, FL where he worked the circuit.

In the spring of 2005, Jackson released his first solo album "Anywhere But Here" which has sold over 1300 copies to date. "Willards Song", "Big Fish", and "Stay Away" have become fan favorites. Jackson got the opportunity to play music on one of Carnival cruise ships and jumped on it. The experience was good, but inspired Jackson to get back to shore and work on another original album.

"July 5th" was released in late July of 2007 and is a completely different experience than his 1st release. An all acoustic album that appeals to fans of reggae, roots, pop, and folk, which has sold 1000 copies to date.

Most recently Jackson released his third solo album in September of 2010 and is currently promoting it on college radio in the US and Canada. The self-entitled album has gained much attention from many in the industry, here's just a few examples......

"He has a great connection with the crowd and really knows how to read the the audience. His originals have that hook that make you think you have been hearing them on the radio for years. I have his first album and listened to it all the time until I received the latest one. Great songs that you will find yourself singing along to. He is just a true American artist who has that gift of turning real life experiences into music. He is a real pro. I think he would be great a just about any venue. Do yourself a favor and give this guy a listen.”
- J.L.Jamison Entertainment Director, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville

"I run across Jackson while dining at the Black Bear Tavern in Deep Creek MD, I really enjoyed not only his music but also the way he got the crowd involved, have made the trip to deep creek from Charleston WV every time i get the chance to when he is slated to play there. Get a chance you should check him out, You wont be disappointed! He's a great entertaineer and all around great guy!!!!"
- Randy, Black Bear Patron