A jackhammer is a percussive drill. Jackhammer may also refer to: Jackhammer (comics), a Marvel Comics villain, Jackhammer, a wrestling powerslam, Jackhammer, a woman on top (sex position), Jackhammer, slang for penis, MTX Jackhammer, a 22-inch (560 mm) subwoofer, Pancor Jackhammer, an automatic-shotgun design, Joliet JackHammers, a professional baseball team based in Joliet, Illinois, Jack Hammer may refer to: Jack Hammer (pornographic actor), Jack Hammer, psynonym for songwriter and singer Earl Burroughs., Jack Hammer (band), South African rock band, "Jack" Hammer, a character in the Rescue Heroes line, "Jack Hammer", a song by the Odds from their album Bedbugs

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