What is “Jack and the Bear"? And, why should you even care, when there are literally thousands of other musical acts to have a listen to right now?

Jack: bug eyed; cocker spaniel; influential figure; diddly derider
And The: &; and; the
Bear: acronym for first four founding members of a hot musical act; Brandon, Evan, Adam, Ryan (Reggie)

Take three young siblings; one, a horn player; another, a guitarist/writer; and the last, a drum lord. Now, add to the mix two more heart throbs, equipped with keys, enthusiastic vocals, and of course a bodacious, booming bass. Mix all of these things together and you’ve got yourself a meal, a very different kind of meal, a kind of meal intended not for consuming through your mouth, oh no, but for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Now, allow me to add a few more things to this concoction being frazzled together: A high energy performance; a feast for the eyes at the likes of which is very seldom seen anymore. A writing style and lyrics inspired by the greats; such as, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, and Randy Newman. Now, I know what you’re thinking so far… "Too good to be true. And furthermore, much too hot for me to handle.” It’s okay though, anyone would think the same thing after being spoon fed soulless, auto-tuned, atrociously written crap for so many years, through the mainstream, public eye of music this day in age. Not to say there isn’t anything good out there in the massive industry of music, oh no, but, I am declaring there is nothing, not no one, nor anything close to replicating the band you are reading about now.

That band is Jack and the Bear.

Born in the downriver town of Monroe, Michigan, the gang trekked down the road to Toledo, Ohio, and back to the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, during the early days of the forming. I could say many things to attempt to give you an idea of exactly what Jack and the Bear is… but… unfortunately, I feel as though the only way to truly understand Jack and the Bear, is to witness the act live in person.

They’ve been described as: "A mind blowing performance," and "A Broadway musical meets Bruce Springsteen.” But the best description I would refer to would be: “A spectacle that must be seen live firsthand, to truly be understood.”

When a band is formed, the first thing someone asks is, “What kind of music do you play?” or “What do you guys sound like?” Jack and the Bear have always had a tough time coming up with an answer to such a question, but, if they had to attempt a description, it would be something like…

“Disney working with Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions Band, whilst 1970s' George Lucas writes out the screen play to each show, guided by the everlasting spirit of legends; such as, Louis Prima, Pete Seeger, and a cup of love. Also, Randy Newman sword fighting Captain Hook on top of the eye of Sauron.”

Currently, the band is on a “Never Ending Tour.”

And when I say never ending, I mean, NEVER ENDING (excludes small breaks in North Carolina, Michigan, and California that would no longer make the tour never ending).

The group recorded their first full length album at Prairie Sun Studio in Sonoma, California, with Grammy award winning producer, Oz Fritz, who is, in the words of the band, “A godd*mn genius.” Also, joining in on their adventure of making their record in ten days’ time, was special guest/violin extraordinaire, Sam Bardfeld, of Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions band, The Jazz Passengers… and so on.

After a “Pancake Party” with Oz, the album was taken to the legendary Doug Sax (he mastered Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”) at “The Mastering Lab” to be officially completed. The record now awaits its mighty release in the hands of the band, as they look for the best way to spread the majestic, heartwarming, energetic sounds to the music loving masses out in the world today.

Now, you may find this band’s music online, watch videos of them on youtube, but, most importantly, you may see them for yourself, on tour, everywhere, coming near you at all times. My advice to any and every one reading this: YOU. If you feel like your life has become dull, feel as though it is lacking in luster, and needs a swift kick in the rear end to reveal a new, yet familiar flavor of music and energy, look further no more. Come on out to a Jack and the Bear performance near you, as soon as humanly possible. You will not be disappointed.

“Jack and the Bear: saving lives, every day.”

And now, I bid you farewell.

Heroically yours,
Captain Gumwad

Jack & the Bear proudly endorses: Dark Horse Percussion Godin Guitars D'addario Percussion and Goldtone banjos.