Alternative Folk
COLCA CANYON is the culmination of music and poetry by Isaac de Heer, who currently resides in Melbourne. On home soil he performs either solo or with a full band, and has supported some well known Australian and International acts including the Temper Trap, Luke Steele, Josh Pyke, FINK (UK) & Jamie Hutchings (Bluebottle Kiss). Recently he road tested his new songs with a run of solo shows in Ireland, France and England.

The upcoming single is called ‘Streets of Del Mino’, a forerunner to a flurry of songs Isaac wrote in South America. A week before leaving, he collapsed on the couch into a brief shut eye, exhausted after a long day running a music program in a special needs school. He fell into a dream where he was singing to the last remaining man of a small and crumbling town named Del Mino. The song as it currently stands is an attempt to recreate this interaction. The new material that followed is more edgy and playful then previous, giving the new album a distinctly different flavour.