Into It Over It (stylized as Into It. Over It.) is the indie rock solo project of Chicago musician Evan Thomas Weiss. Into It Over It is considered one of the leading acts in the emo revival scene of the 2010s. History: Evan Weiss grew up in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Weiss' first exposure to the genre of emo was hearing the band Sunny Day Real Estate in the seventh grade while browsing a record shop. He continued his interest in music through buying Jade Tree and Polyvinyl records and going to local shows in Philadelphia. In the "fourth or fifth grade", Weiss started the band J.A.R. with school friends which eventually became The Progress, garnering modest local success. Weiss was unable to convince his bandmates to play in the band full-time and after their breakup in 2008, Weiss started a solo project under the moniker Into It Over It. Weiss first released music through two unorthodox concept projects: 52 Weeks, entailing the writing, recording and release of one song each week for a full year (later released as a compilation record); and Twelve Towns, a twelve song project initially released over six separate splits with several different bands and each song being named after a town. In 2011, Weiss released Into It Over Its first studio album, Proper on No Sleep Records, which was produced by Ed Rose. This was followed up in 2013 with Intersections, released on Triple Crown Records. Related acts: Weiss has been a notably active figure in underground punk and emo music as far back as 2001, and has played in numerous bands from Chicago as well as around his hometown of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He currently fronts Their / They're / There alongside Mike Kinsella of Owen and Matthew Frank of Loose Lips Sink Ships, and Pet Symmetry with Erik Czaja and Marcus Nuccio of fellow emo band Dowsing. He plays bass in the latter two bands despite having gained notoriety as a guitarist in Into It Over It, bass being the first instrument he learned and hence what he usually played in his earlier bands. The initial members of Into It Over It's full live band also formed a separate project named Stay Ahead of the Weather in which members Weiss, Nick Wakim, Matt Jordan and Owen Mallon assume the same instrumental roles that they occupied for Into It Over It. They released an EP in 2010 as well as a split with The Wonder Years but despite having begun work on a full-length album, there have been no updates regarding the activities of the band since May 2013. Additionally, with Mallon's relocation to Los Angeles in early 2014 and the subsequent dissolution of the rest of Into It Over It's first touring lineup, it is possible that they may have become inactive. Weiss' first band was The Progress, who released a full-length album and two EPs before breaking up in 2008. He was also previously a member of Damiera, and Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, as well as a large number of much smaller bands from his high school years including Labour, Map the Growth, The Funeral Bird, Hiroshima Mon'Amour, Sleeper Agents, The French Connection, Emergency, and Forgive Her Choke Her. Members: Evan Thomas Weiss - vocals, guitar, bass, other instruments, Touring members Josh Parks - guitar (2013-present), Josh Sparks - drums (2013-present), Nick Wakim - drums (live, 2012-2013; session, 2011-2013), Matt Jordan - guitar (2012-2013), Owen Mallon - bass (2012-2013), Tim Mortensen - bass (2013-2015)

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