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Index may refer to: Contents 1 Business, 2 Publishing, 3 Sciences 3.1 Biological sciences, 3.2 Computer science, 3.3 Economics, 3.4 Geography, 3.5 Library and information science, 3.6 Linguistics, 3.7 Mathematics 3.7.1 Algebra, 3.7.2 Analysis, , , 4 Technologies 4.1 Mechanics, 4.2 Optics, , 5 Other usages, Business: Index (retailer), a defunct UK catalogue retailer formerly owned by the Littlewoods group and known as Littlewoods Index, Index Corporation, a Japanese video game developer, INDEX, a market research fair in Lucknow, India, Index fund, a collective investment scheme, Stock market index, a statistical average of prices of securities, Publishing: Bibliographic index, a regularly updated print periodical publication that lists articles, books, and/or other information items, usually within a particular discipline, Index (publishing), a detailed list, usually arranged alphabetically, of the specific information in a publication, Index (typography), a largely obsolete punctuation mark, Index cards in a rolodex or old library card catalog, early and mid 20th century technologies for maintaining such lists, Germany's List of Media Harmful to Young People, colloquially known as The Index, published by the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien, Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a list of publications which the Catholic Church censored, Index Librorum Prohibitorum, a character from the Japanese light novel, anime and manga A Certain Magical Index. "Index" may refer either to the character, or the series., Index Magazine, a New York City-based publication for art and culture,, a Hungarian-language news and community portal, Indexed (cartoon), a Web cartoon by Jessica Hagy, The Index, the student newspaper of Kalamazoo College, The Index (journal), a European propaganda journal created by Henry Hotze to support the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, Thumb index, a round cut-out in the pages of a publication, Truman State University Index, the weekly student newspaper, Sciences: A scale (social sciences), Biological sciences: Diversity index - a quantitative measure that increases when the number of types into which a set of entities has been classified increases, and obtains its maximum value for a given number of types when all types are represented by the same number of entities, Computer science: Lookup table, a data structure, usually an array or associative array, often used to replace a runtime computation with a simpler array indexing operation, Array index, an integer pointer (into an array data structure) that identifies an element of the array, A key in an associative array, Database index, a data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval operations on a database table, Index mapping, mapping of raw data, used directly as in array index, for an array, Index register, a processor register used for modifying operand addresses during the run of a program, The dataset maintained by search engine indexing, Indexed color, Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM), a method for indexing data for fast retrieval, Subject indexing, describing the content of a document by keywords, Web indexing (Internet indexing), Site map, a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users, Webserver directory index, a default or index web page in a directory on a web server, such as index.html, BitTorrent index, a list of .torrent files available for searches, Economics: Index (economics), a single number calculated from an array of prices and quantities Price index, a typical price for some good or service, , Geography: Index, New York, a hamlet in the County and Town of Otsego, New York, United States, Index, Washington, a town in Snohomish County, Washington, United States, Index, West Virginia, Library and information science: Back-of-the-book index, Bibliographic index, a regularly updated print periodical publication that lists articles, books, and/or other information items, Index (publishing), a detailed list, usually arranged alphabetically, of the specific information in a publication, Subject indexing, describing the content of a document by keywords, Linguistics: Indexicality, the variation of meaning of an utterance according to certain features of the context in which it is uttered, Mathematics: A number or other symbol that indicates the location of a variable in an indexed family or set such as a list or array of numbers or other mathematical objects, usually written as a subscript to the variable; e.g. in the list , the number is the index of the third element, ., A numerical value attached to a mathematical object, such as those listed here under Algebra and Analysis, Algebra: Exponent, The degree of an nth root, The index of a subgroup is the number of a subgroup's left cosets (which is equal to the number of its right cosets)., The index of a linear map, is the dimension of the map's kernel minus the dimension of its cokernel., The index of a real quadratic form Q is defined (but not always consistently) as p − q where Q can be written as a difference of p squared linear terms and q squared linear terms., The index of a matrix is the least integer k ≥ 0 such that rank(A) = rank(A)., Analysis: The winding number of an oriented closed curve on a surface relative to a point on that surface; loosely speaking, the number of times the curve goes around the point counter-clockwise, The index of a vector field v at an isolated zero is the degree of the map , taking points near the zero into the unit sphere., Technologies: Mechanics: Indexing (motion), a kind of motion in many areas of mechanical engineering and machining, Optics: Refractive index, a measure for optical properties of transparent materials., Other usages: Index finger, the second digit of a human hand, Index: a Denmark nonprofit organization which promotes Design for Life, Index Ventures, a venture capital investment firm based in Switzerland, The Index, an item on a halo megastructure in the Halo series of video games, The Index (Dubai), a skyscraper in Dubai, FamilySearch Indexing including indexing the US 1940 Census, Congregation of the Index, former dicastery of the Roman Catholic Church, This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title., If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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