A promising mid-'90s East Coast rap duo from Virginia, Ill Biskits saw their one and only full-length album, Chronicle of Two Losers: First Edition (1996), get shelved by Atlantic Records on the eve of its commercial release, only to be released over a decade later. Founded in the early '90s in Petersburg, VA, the duo is comprised of Deeda and Kleph, who were both born in Germany, where their fathers were stationed in the military. Ill Biskits made their recording debut, the Mike Loe-produced single God Bless Your Life, in 1994 on the independent label Khari Entertainment. The flip side of the single features a Lord Finesse production, "22 Years," which years later made it a collector's item. Upon the positive reception of God Bless Your Life, Ill Biskits signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records, which re-released the single in 1995. A second Atlantic-released single, Chill Factor, followed in 1996. The full-length album Chronicle of Two Losers: First Edition was also scheduled for release by Atlantic in 1996, but it was shelved at the last moment, after promotional copies had already been sent out. Those promotional copies circulated over the years -- even as Ill Biskits essentially called it quits, recording no further material -- and the reputation of Chronicle of Two Losers: First Edition was such that an eventual release of the album was warranted, finally seeing the light of day in 2007 on Khari Entertainment. The 2007 edition includes a number of bonus tracks previously released on the God Bless Your Life and Chill Factor singles. Its release was celebrated by those with an affection for mid-'90s East Coast rap; featuring production by Lord Finesse, Buckwild, Mike Loe, and Jesse West, the album was hailed by some as a should've-been classic. ~ Jason Birchmeier, Rovi