High Flight Society is an American Christian rock band from Cedartown, Georgia. The band was originally on Selectric Records for the release of their EP From Far Above Somewhere. They were then signed onto RKT Music, a subsidiary of Rocketown Records, in March 2007. Their song "Sweet Redeemer" reached No. 47 on the CRW Year End Top 100 Rock Songs chart for 2007. In late 2008, the label folded leaving High Flight Society without a label. In 2009, High Flight Society independently recorded and funded the release of the "Par Avion-EP" which was released June 16, digitally online and in hard copy at shows. On March 12, 2010, it was announced via the band's Twitter that they had officially signed to Warner Brothers/Word Records. Unfortunately, due to restructuring within the label, they were abruptly dropped, leaving them wondering how they would proceed as a band. Using Kickstarter, the band raised over $5000 between December 21, 2010 and January 28, 2011 to fund their new 6-song EP. On Sunday May 20, 2012 Scotty Lockridge died while preparing for church. Scotty had a seizure and the apparent cause of death was trauma to the head as a result of the seizure. He was 31 years old. Members: Jason Wilkes - lead singer, guitar, Michael Packer - guitar, John Packer - bass guitar, Scotty Lockridge - drums, Jerad Griffin - rhythm guitar, background vocals (Dec. 2008 - Dec. 2010), On December 12, 2008 it was announced via the band's Facebook page that they had added Jerad Griffin to take over Jason's rhythm guitar parts and to sing background vocals. On December 21, 2010 it was announced via the band's Facebook page that they had decided to part ways with Jerad. The band is now back to the original four members and hires different musicians to play rhythm guitar and sing bgv's on tour.

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