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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) Helmut Look up Helmut in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Helmut is a common given name in the German language. Variants include Hellmut, Helmuth, and Hellmuth. Its second part "Mut" is clearly German for "courage", "vigour", but there are different theories regarding the origin of the first part, relating it to historical languages' words for "bright", "hell", "helmet", and "sword". In another Indo-European language, Hindi, heemuth means courage, so it is possible the German Helmut and the Hindi heemuth, both meaning courage, have a common proto-Indo-European root. Helmut may refer to: Contents 1 People, 2 Fiction, 3 See also, People: Helmut Angula (born 1945), Namibian politician, Helmut Bakaitis (born 1944), Australian director and actor, Helmut Berger (born 1944), Austrian actor, Helmut Dantine (1917-1982), Austrian actor, Helmut Ditsch (born 1962), Argentine painter, Hellmut Diwald (1924-1993), German historian, Helmut Fischer (1926-1997), German actor, Hellmut von Gerlach (1866-1935), German journalist, Helmut Griem (1932-2004), German actor, Helmut Gröttrup (1916-1981), German rocket scientist, Helmut Haller (born 1939), German football player, Helmut Hasse (1898-1979), German mathematician, Helmut Haussmann (born 1943), German academic and politician, Helmut Jahn (born 1940), German-born American architect, Helmut Kohl (born 1930), German politician, Helmut Köllen (1950-1977), German musician, Helmut Krieger (born 1958), Polish shot putter, Helmut Lachenmann (born 1935), German composer, Helmut Landsberg (1906-1985), German scientist, Helmut Lang (born 1956), German fashion designer, Helmut Lemke (1907-1990), German politician, Helmut Lotti (born 1969), Belgian singer, Helmut Marko (born 1943), Austrian racing driver, Helmut Newton (1920-2004), German-born Australian photographer, Helmut Rahn (1929-2003), German football player, Helmut Rohde (born 1925), German politician, Helmut Schelsky (1912-1984), German sociologist, Helmut Schmidt (born 1918), German politician, Helmut Schoeck (1922-1993), Austrian sociologist, Helmut Schön (1915-1996), German football player and manager, Helmut Sick (1910-1991), Brazilian ornithologist, Helmut Sonnenfeldt (born 1926), American foreign policy expert, Helmut Walcha (1907-1991), German organist, Helmut Zahn (1916-2004), German chemist, Helmut Zilk (1927-2008), Austrian politician, Helmut, (born 2011), Affenpinscher owned by Mike and Chelle, Fiction: Helmut Grokenberger, fictional character in the 1991 film Night on Earth, Helmet Gruler, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe, Helmut Zemo, fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe, Helmut Heindenburg, fictional character in 1996 Colombian telenovela Guajira, Helmut, fictional character in the video game Road Rash

Source: Wikipedia

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