A lot has happened to Hellogoodbye since the Huntington Beach, California-based act released their breakthrough album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! back in 2006. With platinum-selling single “Here (In Your Arms)” storming up Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, eventually peaking at #14 after saturating the airwaves, the band became a household name, performing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Last Call with Carson Daly. Now with a fresh line up, and a revived, more indie pop-leaning sound, the band are storming into a bright, reinvigorated future, as the first act from Fearless Records’ imprint label Old Friends.
While the band are hard at work putting the finishing touches to their third album, set for release in spring 2013, Hellogoodbye are whetting the appetites of fans with the re-release of acclaimed second LP Would It Kill You? on December 11th. Just in time for the holidays, the album is a collection of perfect pop gems that shows that they have sharpened their musical edge, and are poised to return triumphant as one of 2013’s hottest acts.