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Brothers Aron and Robert Mardo have been making music together in various incarnations practically their whole lives . Feeling change in the air, they decided to do things a little bit off the beaten path they had become accustomed to, and they decided to record as a duo of just bass and drums. What at first felt odd to them quickly turned in to something that was more familiar then they could imagine.

HEAVY YOUNG HEATHENS was born right then and a few months later, a record was finished and a U.S. tour was booked. The album independently made it's way to the Top Spot of the FMQB Specialty Radio charts, and songs "Sha La La La La" and "Drawn From Memory" both charted Top 5. Just recently, the song "Jackie Come Lately" has been selected as the main theme song for MTV's Ultimate Parkour Challenge.

New e.p. MAKE ROOM FOR THE YOUTH pairs Heavy Young Heathens with producer JP Bowersock (The Strokes, Julian Casablancas) and Mixer Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Avett Brothers Johnny Cash). The pairing seemed to be the perfect match. Upon release in April of 2010, the 5-song e.p. debuted Top 5 on the FMQB Specialty Radio Charts and Top 20 on the Mediaguide Radio Charts. (For Free download:

Forced to forge the Do-it-Yourself path of record making, touring and merchandising the appeal and ethics of this group is overwhelming, and infectious to all who come across them live and on record.