The rock and alternative pop band Heaven's Burning is an all-female threesome that can hold its own with most of the talented boys of rock. The band is made up of vocalist, bassist, and guitarist Angela Santiago Chung, vocalist and guitarist Kristy Jones, and drummer Myrna Trevino. The girls offer rock tunes seasoned with punk-pop, noise pop, and alternative pop all stirred together with groove and a few guitar riffs. Heaven's Burning formed around the beginning of 1998. Chung and Trevino came together first, then did a little searching to find the group's third member, Jones. All three girls bring plenty of musical training and experience to Heaven's Burning. Chung began her musical study when she was only five years old, on the piano. She was 18 when her interest turned to the guitar. Jones also took piano lessons as a child. Later she switched to the flute, and then at 16 purchased her first guitar, which quickly became her favorite instrument. Trevino grew up with a brother who played drums. Of course, she had to try them out. It was love at first pound. Lessons helped the pounding become beating rhythm, but the love stayed. Over their time together, the girls have called it quits a number of times, dousing the flame on Heaven's Burning. But something seems to keep pulling them back together. The band has performed at clubs across California. In between live gigs, the girls put in a lot of work on their self-titled debut. It hit the market in 2000, and carries tracks like "Death Is the Truest Love," "In the Stillness of My Soul," and "The Box." ~ Charlotte Dillon, Rovi