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In the summer of 1997, vocalist Jennifer Pagano met songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave McMahon in an Atlantic City music store and the two struck up a discussion on blues singers. Not long afterward, the two New Jerseyites formed he fashioned Love, born out of their mutual passion for music. Neither artist was new to performing (Pagano had been singing since she was a child in regional telethons and before audiences at area venues, while McMahon had performed on piano and guitar), yet, this union seemed to tap into musical forces that flourished once their talents combined. Initial songs for their debut EP, 27, were recorded in 1998 in an Ocean City studio, on reel to reel, with subsequent songs completed in L.A. and throughout New Jersey. In January 2001, Michael Domenioski came on board to share songwriting duties as well as assume lead guitar for live shows. he fashioned Love would go on to record new songs, some with producer Bill Caterini, while continuing to hone their unique approach to popular music. ~ Roxanne Blanford, Rovi