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Official Site: | @HaloAskew
If Absinthe had a musical equivalent, it would be Haunted Echo.

Whether its an Industrial anthem or a Chillout lounge excursion, one word describes Haunted Echo's music better than any other: Escapism. Beneath the melancholy lies a bed of classical and contemporary music influence. One can hear conversations with Mozart, Nick Cave, and Rhys Fulber inside synths, moods, and layers of syncopating rhythms. The first and primary goal of Haunted Echo is to be as modern as possible while bridging the gap between genres. The second goal of Haunted Echo is to destroy the barriers of genre.

As a working musician and keyboardist Halo has appeared on America's Got Talent and produced several bands that rank in the top 10 of their genres on ReverbNation. From NYC to SF to Tampa, Pierce always delivers on his promise of modern sounds and production. And he's no stranger to the celebrities either. He's programmed for Jennifer Lopez, held the audio helm for Whoopi Goldberg and Cyndi Lauper, and was on the team nominated for a Grammy for Common's The Corner - to name just a few.

Haunted Echo recently landed a distribution deal with Interscope Digital Distribution and debuted his single Odyssey to rave reviews. His new album Killing Galileo will feature Elaine Benavides (Nativelab) and Zef Noise (Peter Murphy).

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