His stage name is Harlem he was born in chicago moved to indianapolis when he was 6. He has pretty much been rapping since first grade, started getting good in 8th grade and by the time he was in high school he was said to be the best in the school by the majority of the students..Anytime he was in the hallway somebody was beating on a something with a pen trying to get him to freestyle or battle somebody. He dropped his first mixtape “Punchline Playground” hosted by Dj Dnyce in december in 3 months he had 96.3 talking about him. His song "Cheefa" was featured on “Naptown Stand Up 9? hosted by Freddie Gibbs and Dj Dnyce, his music has been featured on various websites and he has been in two issues of the Midwest Leak Magazine. He may have just started getting noticed but with him being a versatile lyricist and a unique, creative and independent artist i have no doubt his buzz will only continue to grow until he makes it to the top.