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Official Site: | @HardbangerMusic
HARDBANGER was created in 2011 by french producer bruno " brew" varea
(known for studio works with band like DAGOBA,BLAZING WAR MACHINE,MEPHISTO,HORD…etc) and guitarist jerome "gray" graille.
Mainly influenced by early 90's hard-rock and metal scene, and especially bands like METALLICA,MEGADETH,MORBID ANGEL,CARCASS,etc..but also MOTORHEAD or AC/DC, Hardbanger plays mid-tempo heavy-as-f#ck riffs combined with rock n roll lyrics and attitude.
First single/video “Neck” has been released on 1st 2012.
This first video ‘s been quickly approved for airplay on different TVs and radios worldwide like MTV pulse, headbangers ball, ROCK TV headbanger show,
Music & Mayhem with jon russell , Directstar, Nolife TV,etc..
Hardbanger like it rough and intense, the band aim to write, record,shoot video and release each song as it comes!.
On April 1st, 2013, Hardbanger gets physical with the release of "Foursome Tape" a 4 tracks limited tape EP (100 copies) with a unique artwork for each hand-numbered piece.
The track list includes previous singles “Neck” and “She says”, exclusive new track “Shapes of Envy” and “civilization”, a surprising cover of French electro-band Justice.
On the same date, a digital release of “Foursome tape” will also be unleashed worldwide !
Keep on banging !