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Gundriver is a rip-roaring, all gas-no brakes rock n roll band. The four rockers joined forces in Hollywood, CA and penned/recorded their debut release in less than 3 weeks! Comprised of the four basic elements that make up all great rock band: riffs, groove, thunderous beats and soaring vocals - Gundriver is solid from the ground up. Going with a bare bones songwriting approach, they have crafted their signature tone in the image of the great rock bands that have come before them. Heavily influenced by the likes AC/DC and Black Sabbath, their dedication groove is undeniable. "I like my riffs to make you stomp your feet, pump your fists or bang your head..." says founding guitarist Tom Potter of his approach to writing.

Gundriver's rhythm section is made up of the synergistic duo Alex Rivas (Drums) and Crazy Tomes (Bass/Vocals). Tomes, a stellar multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, Bass, Piano and Vocals) with an exceptional ear, brings a wealth of stylistic and musical knowledge to the group. His unique vocal arrangement and intense delivery is showcased on "Against the Darkness" - A searing tip of the hat to Black Sabbath-era heavy metal. On drums, Gundriver boasts another stellar musician capable of the delicate subtleties and driving rhythms that make the drums such a dynamic instrument. His driving double bass, and thunderous fills can be heard on "Rip It" as well as his laid back approach to in-the-pocket playing on "Under the Rock". Combined with Bassist Crazy Tomes, Gundriver's rhythm section is a high-octane machine.

Gundriver's frontman, Scott Siegel is a one-of-a-kind talent and true rock n' roll singer. Citing Bon Scott of AC/DC and Steve Perry of Journey as his main vocal influences, Scott brings the soaring vocals that are signature of a great rock band. A word-smith and energetic performer, Scott clearly elevates the performance of his bandmates to an explosive level.

Tom, the band's founder and guitarist grew up on classic rock and metal - which is evident is his aggressive attack on his rhythm work and blues-influenced lead work. "I want it to rock!... and if it doesn't it don't make the cut" he says of his duties as executive producer. "It's all in staying true to why we started the band in the first place... because we wanted to make great music, period...Rock fans deserve home-grown, REAL music, and that's what we're making... tune it in, turn it up and let 'er rip." is regularly updated regarding future tours and releases. Long Live Rock!