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.I began as a club dj in 1990 at the age of 16 at Sterns (Interdance) in Worthing and have 23 years of experience in the industry including label production management. My DJ partner was DJ Merle for many years and we went on to form The Turntable Prostitutes.
Founded a CD and Vinyl mastering company in 2002 and ran it 'til 2006. (I was not the engineer!) Now I make dance remixes for you the listener. Worked on music for The Frid, Vaccum Blu, Merle, Wideboys, Vinyl Groover and the Redhead, R Kelly, Freemasons, Skint Records, Loaded Records, Tidy Trax, Bobby M, Cuba Recordings, Sony BMG Hip Hop and R n B, Dj Friction (Radio1), Nu Balance, Hellrazor, Booka T, Bellaunion, Gareth Emery, Chris Hampshire, Raiden, Dave Holness, Drop2Rise, Ed Real, Ed Funk, Five Am Records,Gorgeous Music, Hand On Records, Happy House Studios, Infinate Records, Incentive Music,Kingsize Records, Krafty Kuts, Kenny Ken, T.O.V., Trouble On Vinyl, Turbulence records, Ian Van Dahl, Dj Lynx, Top Buzz, Jason K, Dj Original Vibes, Boo Records, Bush Recoeds, Eric Powell, Supercharged Records, Storm Music, Spencer Chapman, Serious Records (Mercury), Tru Thoughts, and many many more......